segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

twitter soap opera: selling my teacher´s old brown shoe

Constança: Die? Not me. Queen doesn´t die, they turn into glitter.

Dramakris: I´ll find Caligula and suicide.

Constança: So take and harp and play Nero! Caligula doesn´t committed suicide, but Cleopatra did.

Dramakris: What a great artist the world will lose and gain after my reentrée…The harp is a naked piano. Oh, I will do a great orgy and die.

Constança: Oh, death. Our employees or maids should do this for us.

Dramakris: Why don´t you shut up, mighty queen?

Constança: You´re old fashion and corny. You´re the night´s flower of the blue nightclub.

Dramakris: Osama Bin Laden is a homeless Santa Claus, a dirty sorcerer.

Constança: I was only organizing the chaos. I´ll not stop with the theatre. I´ll have my revenge in London.

Dramakris: Stop quibbling, stop your petty quarells.

Constança: Are you back, Dramakris?

Dramakris: Yes, I´m back to the theather.

Constança: You play hard to get, you´re always taking your sweet ass while crossing the road.

Dramakris: You don’t know how I was really in crisis.

Constança: You´re a sex shop cup, an used sex shop cup. Do you like this kind of image? Do you think is a beckettian one?

Dramakris: No, I´d rather see Eid Ribeiro adapting “First Love”, Beckett´s novel. I think it´s better.

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