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O Polêmico Guilhermo Habacuc Vargas

Guilhermo Habacuc Vargas é o Duchamp do século XXI: conseguiu chocar e colocar meio mundo contra ele ao colocar um cão numa instalação, deixando-o morrer.

Bom, porque ninguém alimentou o cãozinho Natividad durante a exposição? A arte, pensaram, é intangível...Agora chovem pedras sobre Habacuc. Mas eu penso que, num tempo como o nosso, o protesto e a arte com gestos radicais é, muitas vezes, válida. I will not sign any petition.

To stop further misinformation - basic data about the "artist"

  • His real name is Guillermo Vargas Jiménez, the "artist name" is Habacuc.
  • [Update] Here are real life photos of the "artist", approved by Mr.Jaime Sancho and eyewitnesses from Latin America:

    The photos originate from another of his nice exibitions (live pornography and prostitution via web-cam), which was btw. paid by the government of Spain, as a "cultural event".
  • He was born in 1975 in San José, Costa Rica, is also not 50, but around 32 years old
  • His major stand alone exhibitions: Graffiti Galería Cultura (2001); Expocisión # 1 Galeria Codice Managua, Nicaragua (2002); Exorcision, Jacob Karpio Galería, San José, Costa Rica (2002); Alfombra Roja [The Red Carpet]. 300kilos de tomates (2006).
  • Collective exhibitions, were he was one of the participants: Cuidado Pinta o Des-construcciones Pictóricas, Museo De Arte Y Diseño Contemporáneo MACO, México, D.F. (2005); FIA, Festival Internacional de las Artes; San José, Costa Rica (2006); Nuevas tendencias del arte costaricense, Waschington DC, museo del BID (2007).
  • His most recent exhibition took place in Washington DC from 24 May to 10 August 2007, here is the address of the gallery/cultural center:
  • IDB Cultural Center
    Inter-American Development Bank
    1300 New York Avenue, N. W.
    Washington, D.C. 20577
    The homepage of this cultural center is:
    The following works were displayed:
    Composición y Foto No. 13 (Composition and
    Photograph No. 13), 2007
    acrylic and digital photography diptych
    1.00 x 2.00 mts
    Composición y Foto No. 12 (Composition and
    Photograph No. 12), 2007
    acrylic and digital photography diptych
    1.00 x 2.20 mts
    Composición y Foto No. 7 (Composition and
    Photograph No. 7), 2007
    acrylic and digital photography diptych
    0.96 x 1.50 mts
    [His most "outstanding" work of art in this exhibition was a "pile of trash"].
  • The prizes he received: 1 prize Bienarte 2005, San José, Costa Rica; 1 prize Bienarte 2007, San José, Costa Rica (after killing the dog several weeks before);
  • He is the founder of the Galería Cultura, FECOU, San José, Costa Rica.
I have absolutely nothing against modern art. If it is art. Like Dali, or Picasso, or Warhol, name your favorite... But here is obviously somebody who tries to "win the game" through plain, stupid and senseless inhumanity. When inhumanity becomes art, the art will die. You know, anybody can shit on the side walk, upload this to YouTube and call himself artist. And when excrements are not enough, then it "has to be stronger", what will come after the dead dog, dead beggars, starved street children, "live" torture? Should this become our future?

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